Fantasy Football 2021-2022, auction guide: the best goalkeepers

2021-2022 Fantasy Football, auction guide: tips for fantasy managers on the best goalkeepers in the Italian top championship

Maignan (Milan)
Maignan (Milan)

The championship stops for the commitments of the National Teams and it is therefore time to draw a first balance of the fantasy football season taking its clue from the indications provided by these first 7 days. We analyze the situation of goalkeepers indicating in order of preference on which players to bet in any trades or in a possible repair auction.

Mike Maignan (Milan)

He immediately settled in the Italian championship collecting the legacy of a certain Gianluigi Donnarumma without making him regret. He is contributing to the solidity of the Rossoneri defense with valuable interventions. He is also an excellent “para-rigori” even if the first +3 has yet to arrive.

David Ospina/Alex Meret (Napoli)

To be taken strictly in pair since the Colombian goalkeeper seems to have overturned in his favor the initial hierarchies but during the season it is possible a new alternation between the two, although less frequently than Gattuso management, also considering that both are often victims of physical problems. Currently Ospina is the first goalkeeper of the league for fantamedia and the second by average vote, the main unknown is the defensive hold of Naples in January/ February when he must do without Koulibaly, engaged in the Africa Cup.

Szczesny (Juventus)
Szczesny (Juventus)

Wojciech Szczesny (Juventus)

Conceded 10 goals, some of which for his serious individual mistakes, 5.67 of average vote and 4.25 of fantamedia: a nightmare start for the Polish goalkeeper, undoubtedly one of the most paid in the early season auctions. But as is well known Max Allegri pays great attention to the defensive phase and already in the last games against Chelsea and Turin there was a clear reversal of the trend compared to the very first seasonal commitments, with a team more buttoned and careful. Juventus‘ performance is set to improve and the Polish goalkeeper will also benefit. To be taken in pair with Mattia Perin that as already happened could have his space especially in the weeks with 3 close encounters.

Samir Handanovic (Inter)

The Slovenian goalkeeper has started alternating seasons with high-level performances such as those provided against Fiorentina and Sassuolo. Inzaghi’s Inter seems less solid than Conte’s but it is likely that in the next engagements some correction will be made to the defensive phase. As for Szczesny, Handanovic’s numbers, currently not exceptional, seem destined to improve.

Samir Handanovic (Inter)
Samir Handanovic (Inter)

Rui Patricio (Rome)

The number 1 of the Portuguese national team seems to have filled the gap of the goalkeeper who has conditioned the last 3 seasons of Roma. 3 clean sheet, 6.29 M.V. and 5.07 F.M.: undoubtedly positive numbers for a player perhaps slightly underestimated at the start of the season. The main question concerns Roma’s defensive stance in big matches: the first test with Lazio in this sense did not give positive answers. To be taken in pair with a goalkeeper holder of a medium-small that can give him the change in the days on the most challenging card.

Juan Musso (Atalanta)

Start of the season slightly lower than expectations for the former goalkeeper of Udinese who saw his numbers fall in the last 2 games against Inter and Milan contributing among other things contributing, among other things, to the goal of the Rossoneri advantage. In the previous five games Atalanta on the defensive had not disfigured suffering only 4 goals. To be paired with his deputy Sportiello who could make him breathe in the games immediately after the commitments with Nationals.

Vanja Milinkovic-Savic (Turin)

Probably the happiest surprise of this season. Torino currently have the third defense less beaten than the championship and he is currently in third place both in the ranking by average vote and in that by fantamedia, taking into consideration the goalkeepers who have totaled at least 5 appearances. Juric’s Torino has a good defensive and if it wasn’t for the penalties naively caused by Djidji against Lazio and Venice the Serbian goalkeeper would lead the clean sheet ranking.

Dragowski (Fiorentina)
Dragowski (Fiorentina)

Bartlomiej Dragowski (Fiorentina)

He is currently the fourth goalkeeper in Serie A for both average and fantasy football, thanks to the penalty saved at Insigne in the recent match against Napoli. The defense of Fiorentina up to now has proved rather solid with the medium-small, not so much against the big. The Polish goalkeeper remains a good option, especially for those who use the modifier. To be taken in pair with his deputy Terracciano to be able to compensate for the physical problems he is occasionally a victim of and with another goalkeeper of an average team.

Andrea Consigli (Sassuolo)

Surprisingly so far Sassuolo has better numbers in the defensive phase rather than in the offensive one. 2 clean sheets, a maximum of 2 goals conceded per game for a total of 9 in 7 games, figures that make the defense neroverde the sixth less beat of the league. Thanks also to the contribution of Andrea Consigli, third goalkeeper by mediavoto and seventh by fantamedia despite the negative performance against Inter.

Marco Sivestri (Udinese)

Conceded 11 goals, 7 of which were concentrated only in matches against Napoli and Sampdoria. This means that in the remaining 5 races the former goalkeeper of Verona has cashed only 4 goals keeping the goal untouched for 2 times to demonstrate the good defensive performance of the Friulian team, especially against the medium-small.
He can be a good goalkeeper to alternate with an extreme defender of a top team.

Reina (Lazio)
Reina (Lazio)

Pepe Reina (Lazio)

Certainly the most disappointing goalkeeper among the top teams, especially because of the poor defensive performance of Lazio that in the league has not yet managed to conclude a race without suffering goals. At the moment, only 7 teams have done worse than the Lazio who have not yet found a good balance between the departments. The situation is likely to improve during the season but at the moment the former goalkeeper of Napoli is certainly not to be considered among the top of the department.

Lukasz Skorupski (Bologna)

He ha a strange beginning of the season for the Polish goalkeeper who kept the goal intact in 3 circumstances, but suffered 14 goals in the remaining 4 games. In the last match against Lazio Mihajlovic has lined up the team with a more prudent 3-04-1-2 which gave very convincing answers so at least in the near future it is likely that it continues on this road with possible benefits for the defensive phase and consequently for Skorupski.

Emil Audero (Sampdoria)

Speech similar to that of Skorupski. After a very promising start with 2 clean sheets and only 3 goals conceded in the first 4 matches, 10 have arrived in the following 3. Mister D’Aversa has always taken great care of the defensive phase and is likely to resume the championship will make some tactical correction to a team that currently lacks balance between departments.

Guglielmo Vicario (Empoli)

Another of the positive surprises of this beginning of the season also considering the proactive attitude of Empoli. At the moment the white goalkeeper is third for average vote and tenth for fantasy football in front of colleagues much more titled and credited. It can be a good option to complete the goalkeeper park together with a couple of a top team.

Lorenzo Montipò (Verona)

Back from the first clean sheet of the season, the former goalkeeper of Verona is having a performance on fantasy football lower than expectations mainly due to the poor defensive shown by the team of Verona that appears less solid than the Juric management.

Salvatore Sirigu (Genoa)

By average vote he is the best goalkeeper of the championship, on the level of the fantamedia. However he is only fifteenth due mainly to the weakness of the department behind rossoblu, still unable to close a game without suffering goals. A safety for those who play with the modifier, for those who do not use it better to turn on other goalkeepers waiting for Genoa to find a solidity that at the moment does not have.

Sirigu (Genoa)
Sirigu (Genoa)

Alessio Cragno (Cagliari)

Just like Sirigu, he pays for the poor defensive performance of his team. This trend, however, seems likely to improve considering the conservative attitude adopted in the first games of the management Mazzarri.

Vid Belec (Salernitana)

The Salernitana in Serie B has made the defensive solidity his trademark but obviously with the jump in category the music has changed. However, after a difficult first impact in the last races the team of Castori seems to have found a good defensive square. And the Slovenian goalie is surprisingly proving to be a good option for the modifier. To be taken as third goalkeeper to alternate with other two starters.

Zoet (Spezia)
Zoet (Spezia)

Luca Lezzerini/Niki Maenpaa (Venezia)

Venezia has a good defensive phase but their purchase is not recommended because they should be taken in pairs given the frequent physical problems of Lezzerini, designated owner.

Jeron Zoet (Spezia)

5.79 of average vote and 3.5 of fantamedia, disastrous numbers that could shortly cost him the place to start. Of course, he is highly discouraged.

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