Fantasy Football Mantra, auction guide: tips for the midfield

The national stop has always been a good time for the fantallenatori who intend to improve their training: here are five players to buy at Mantra for the line of midfield

Miguel Veloso (Verona)
Miguel Veloso (Verona)

The national break has always been a good time for the fantallenatori who want to improve their training: here are five players to buy at Mantra for the midfield line.

Maggiore (C) – Even if Giulio Maggiore is not among the most impressive names, he can be a good solution for the role of central midfielder: In fact, the guy is one of Thiago Motta’s strong points and already in this start of the season he has shown to have bonuses in his legs. After the first six games, Maggiore had already recorded two assists, going close to the goal on more than one occasion. Add to that that the injury – not serious, he hopes to come back for the next day – could slightly lower its price or, in case of open market, the assessment made by your opponent.

Miguel Veloso (M; C) – Not a great start to the season for Miguel Veloso, who recovered an expulsion in the only presence of the season, before the injury: the Portuguese is recovering from the muscular lesion to the left femoral biceps and is ready to take back the median of the Hellas Verona. There are basically three reasons why buying Miguel Veloso could be convenient: the first, the kicks placed, which should return to be kicked by the Portuguese (for penalties, but watch out for Barak); the second, the double role, that would allow you to line up as a median (role where there are no great alternatives) a player who, in his career, has always had the “vice” of the goal; the third, the injury that, as in the case of Maggiore, It might allow you to pay him less than his actual value.

Koopmeiners (Atalanta)
Koopmeiners (Atalanta)

Koopmeiners (M; C) – The reasons that could lead you to buy Koopmeiners are roughly the same as those already seen about Miguel Veloso: double role and expert of the kicks placed. Unlike the Portuguese, however, Koopmeiners will have to deal with a competition much more fierce, both as regards the minutaggio (the various Freuler, De Roon and, on the occasion, even Mario Pasalic are all candidates to act in the role of central midfielder)both as regards the same kicks placed (surely even Muriel and Malinovskyi will want their “slice of cake”); on the other hand, always unlike the player of Hellas, the Dutchman plays in the team that, in the last three years, recorded the highest number of goals in the Italian league.

Lukic (C; T) – A different discourse to Sasa Lukic: the Serbian is finding space and minutes in the eleven of Ivan Juric but, if for the role of central midfielder it can be a bargain, for the three-quarterer you can definitely find better. Of course, what is intriguing is the position on the field, on which must be put a great question mark: after playing the first matches in the role of central midfielder, in the last game against Juventus Juric has opted for his line-up on the third quarter. If this was confirmed in the next matches, then certainly could become a more attractive player even in fantasy football: in any case – remember – what is so far his only goal of the season, Lukic scored starting from the median.

Bonaventura (C; W; T) – Even triple role for Giacomo Bonaventura, this circumstance that could raise his purchase price: it is certain that the former Milan and Atalanta seems to have bewitched the coach of Fiorentina, Vincenzo Italiano, who until now has never renounced to line him up from the first minute. His insertions and his desire to engrave can be a valid reason to bet on him during this season, but on one condition: avoid overpaying him. Bonaventura is in fact in that category of “good bonus midfielders”, but if you were forced to do somersaults, then maybe it’s better to look elsewhere.

Bonaventura (Fiorentina)
Bonaventura (Fiorentina)

Dumfries (E) – Moving to the outside, an interesting name is certainly that of Denzel Dumfries: the Dutch is not finding too much space in the formation of Inzaghi, which so far has only given him two games from the first minute, preferring Mattia Darmian for the role of right winger. It is likely, however, that it is simply an adaptation phase: Inter has paid around EUR 15 million (between fixed and bonus) to take it from PSV Eindhoven and, in view of the club’s financial difficulties, It’s unlikely that the company spent this much on a player to be benched. Probably, the moment of Dumfries will come and therefore the watchword is one: Carpe Diem. Don’t wait for it to start to carburize, because then its rating could go sky high: to date, Dumfries is a bet, but the exterior has already shown, in spite of the minutes played, to be able to give you some joy even in fantasy football (see Bologna).

Biraghi (Ds; E) – If the speech is related to midfielders, a separate speech must be made about Cristiano Biraghi: for the role of outsider midfield, in fact, you can easily find better, while Biro could be a good choice given the role of left defender. The most “hot” is the kicks: until last season, the former Inter had to serve the competition with another expert like Pulgar, but now the arrival of Torreira could take away – and indeed has already taken away – some space for the Chilean midfielder. Biraghi then becomes the main candidate to deal with the shots from the standstill, both as regards the free kicks, and relative to the angles: evidently, an important pro in a fantasy football.

Sensi (Inter)
Sensi (Inter)

Sensi (C) – The last name is the real bet of this list: if you choose to bet on Stefano Sensi, bet not so much on the – undoubted – quality of the player, but rather on his physical condition. For too long, in fact, the Nerazzurri midfielder has not seen the light at the bottom of the tunnel of continuous injuries: even this year, after the first three matches, to be honest, not too convincing, Sensi was forced to a new stop due to a distraction to the medial collateral ligament, which caused him to miss the last four days. Now, however, the midfielder will try to put this (far too long) complicated moment behind him and hopes for a convocation already for next week: the advice is, if you are covered in the other roles, to try to take it as the last slot. In this case, in fact, the risk would be minimal: if Sensi were to continue to have problems of a physical nature, then you will continue to rely on your owners; conversely, if it were to find continuity of condition, Then you’d have a very dangerous weapon in your team, paid for at the end of the day.

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