FANTACALCIO CLASSIC Auction Guide: all the tips on which STRIKERS to buy

SUPER TOP – Immobile, Ronaldo, Lukaku

It starts from here, from the top players. Be prepared to save the money for the attack if you want one of them. We are talking about high figures, we need a targeted strategy to be able to afford them. Starting with Ciro  Immobile , after the 36 goals of last season. This year he has the Champions, but in any case it will be very expensive at auction. However, there is a ceiling above which you cannot go, otherwise it is very difficult to make a competitive team: the ceiling is around 210/220 fantamillioni out of 500. Cristiano  Ronaldo’s pricewill be very similar and probably superior, the Portuguese scored 31 goals in Serie A last season and scored 3 goals in the first two games. Then it depends from league to league, with budget 1000 the tops cost even more in proportion, while at 6-8 clearly you can spend more because then even at low cost there are good players, while at 10-12 there is less. choice as low cost. In any case, less than 200 out of 500 is almost impossible. Ronaldo will also be managed by Pirlo, every now and then he will rest in a Champions League perspective (at first he will have to recover from Covid-19). Immobile will also have the Champions League from this year, but Inzaghi will try to put it as much as possible because it is fundamental for Lazio. Another untouchable who gets away with these figures is Lukaku, who scored 23 Serie A goals in his first year in Italy. He has the Champions League, yes, but Conte always puts it. His auction price will perhaps be only slightly lower than Ronaldo’s, but at most a few fantamillioni. Its goal? To score more than 23 goals last year, penalties can also be a factor: he has already started well.

TOP – Zapata, Ibrahimovic

Important forwards, from 1st slot even in leagues with few participants. If supertops exceed 200 million out of 500, they may be just below or very close to this threshold. Ibrahimovic is a player who cannot fail to pay a lot in auctions with friends, Zlatan is Zlatan. It is a choice that also goes beyond fantasy football, its auction price can also be higher than the real value in fantasy football terms. At nearly 39, he scored 10 goals in the mid-season (18 games). It is also a penalty taker. Duvan Zapatain the last season he was penalized by an injury suffered in the national team, at a certain point it had even become a case because the return continued to slip. And he managed to close the year with 18 goals, despite everything. Without that injury they would have certainly been more. He closed with the fantasy media of 8.66, the third after Immobile and Ronaldo. Atalanta always scores many goals and this year even more, Duvan is the reference center forward.

SEMI-TOP – Caputo, Belotti, Osimhen, Lautaro Martinez, Dybala, Mertens, Dzeko, Muriel

They also fall into the maxi-category of the top, or the 1 / 2nd slot. It depends on the league: at 12 there are 1st slots, at 6 there are two per team. The price can vary because there are different types of players: first strikers, second strikers, from the big players, in the province. However, we are around 150 fantamillioni, with peaks up to 180 and, if you like, some you can pay around 120-130 or just over 100. After last year’s 21 goals, of which only two on penalties, Ciccio Caputoyou take the very high floors of the fantasy football. In auctions between friends there is also the sentimental factor, since he is very popular, but this year he will be paid above all for what he showed on the pitch. He will go away at a record price for him, even higher after three goals in the first three days: since 2018, he has always doubled or tripled the auction price. This year we will exceed 150 million out of 500. For Belotti the price has never been low, only a little bit in recent years but never going below 100. Now it seems to be recovering, well after the lockdown and at 16 overall goals last season. Lautaro Martinezhe is a potential top that has not yet exploded definitively, he has paid a period of decline at the end of the season and the competition of Sanchez. Who knows this may not be a good year. He started very well and can do much better than the 14 goals he scored last year, too few. Dybalahe is a different striker, he almost looks like a midfielder in terms of performance: many 6.5 and 7, many assists (7). However, the goals are not few, 11 last season. He scored 22 three years ago and only 5 two years ago, he can fluctuate a lot but one thing doesn’t change: not being a first striker, he is one who can take 6.5 even without scoring. In auctions, he is always heavily paid, perhaps the only exception last year because there were market rumors. This year the price did not rise because it skipped the first few days. And now Napoli, with Mertens and Osimhen who can also play together if Gattuso chooses 4-2-3-1. With the 4-3-3, however, there would be room for only one of the two. Rino will alternate the two modules, but we have seen how the 4-2-3-1 gave positive answers. Mertens he is no longer among the top but he is a step below, the last season went badly also due to an injury but he is always a penalty shooter and also a man-assist. Osimhen is a diamond in the rough , he’s only 21 years old and scored 13 goals last year in Ligue 1. He needs to be put in a position to do well, his speed in depth has to be exploited. It can suffer a little more against very closed defenses. The start in Serie A was positive for both: Mertens with goals, Osimhen with performances. Dzeko chapter : he had to go to Juve but in the end he stayed. Therefore, the Edin of all time remains, the pre-negotiation one with the Bianconeri. He remains in this band, no change: it will be the pitch that will say if he will still have motivations after touching the transfer to Turin, already a year ago he was almost with Inter and then he remained in Rome and had done well. Muriel is one of the novelties of the beginning of the season: not only a substitute, but also the owner alongside Zapata. With the returns of Ilicic and Miranchuk, he will also play the wild card and will not be a permanent owner, but this new confidence from Gasperini raises his price. He is already two goals in three games, last year he scored 18 and is a penalty shooter.

GREAT FORWARDS – Berardi, Rebic, Barrow, Boga, Joao Pedro, Morata

From semitops to attackers properly from 2nd slot, which then in a small league can also be from 3rd. They are owners in your attack, with a high price: in some cases they can exceed 100 fantamillioni out of 500 (especially in leagues of 10-12). Rebic has exploded since Ibrahimovic’s arrival and scored 11 goals in mid-season. He also managed to score by playing from the left wing in 4-2-3-1. Even Barrow exploded in mid-season, with the transition to Bologna: 9 goals from January onwards. He is a young forward, with room for growth, who sees the goal, on which the club and Mihajlovic are focusing a lot, a steady owner, flexible because he can play winger and center-forward. Berardihe returned to high levels thanks to De Zerbi, who enhanced him. 14 goals and 7 assists are a lot, now he just has to find the thing he missed the most: continuity. But it seems to have found it. Joao Pedro is certainly among those coming from a super season : a magical year with 18 goals scored, a personal best. It is difficult to reconfirm himself at such high levels, also because he could play a little further from the goal in the 4-3-3, but he is still a penalty shooter and also makes some assists (like against Sassuolo). Morata arrived at Juve : it is one of the main innovations also in view of the October repair auction. A return to fantasy football, for him who had already played in Juventus from 2014 to 2016. He is the Juventus center forward, but it can also be a second slot. He will play a lot, but he does not have a fixed place for 38 matches out of 38: every now and then he will make turnover, we must also understand how Pirlo will manage Ronaldo, Dybala and Kulusevski. Someone – definitely not CR7 – will have to stay out. Morata’s price will not be at the top and semitop level, it will not be around 200 million. We are running on lower figures, around 100 million. We close with Boga , who was among the revelations of last year and can still improve after 11 goals scored. He remained at Sassuolo, but due to Covid he missed the start of the season. Now he’s back.

JOLLY TOP  – Sanchez, Ilicic, Lozano, Cornelius

Wild cards are wild cards, there is no fixed price and there is no specific slot. Someone like Alexis Sanchez can only be defined like this, because he starts behind Lukaku-Lautaro but can also play in the place of the Argentine or take over during the race. He is a “Muriel”, albeit with lower numbers, having also missed three months due to injury: 4 goals and 8 assists. It is a third slot, to be placed even if it starts out. The price can be even higher than that of the “good strikers”, it depends from league to league, but you still have to treat it as a wild card for your squad. Lozano is exploding in Napoli: after Callejon’s departure he has found much more space, the more offensive football proposed this year by Gattuso is having an excellent effect on him. It can continue like this. Josip Ilicicnow he must be considered again a player of Atalanta in all respects. Whoever takes it can make a shot, because he can return to play at very high levels, as he has accustomed us to do in recent years. The return is very close, pay attention to the great return of Josip which last year was devastating to fantasy football. Cornelius  is a pure center forward, with Liverani he can play alongside English or take over, also taking advantage of any injuries of the former Chievo. He will at least try to confirm the 12 goals of last season. With the possibility of overcoming, given that last year he only played 17 as a starter. He is a striker who can do well even if he is not a regular player.

GOOD FORWARDS – Correa, KouamĂ©, L. Insigne, Pedro

They are forwards who have had lower numbers than the above, for several reasons. The price here is also varied, in the sense that someone like Insigne always pays a lot at auction, even more so after the debut with goals, but we are still below 100 million out of 500, we are around 40-70. It depends on the slot: from 3rd in a league to 8, from 2nd if you are 12. We said that they had mixed fortunes last season, we think above all of KouamĂ© who broke the crusader. But thanks to the lockdown he managed to get back on the pitch to finish the season, showing good things for Fiorentina too. He is not really a goalscorer, but he does a lot of movement: he has to get colder in front of the goal. Correa toohe is not a first striker, he plays in support of Immobile and can also assist. Last year he was a bit affected by injuries and finished with 9 goals scored. It starts ahead on Muriqi and Caicedo, but they will alternate. Lorenzo Insigne is another striker who has no numbers from the first striker (the peak with Sarri at 18 goals, then 8/10 in the last three seasons), playing on the winger can make assists and take penalties. Watch out for injuries. Pedrois a holder of Rome. He comes from Chelsea where he has played very little in the last year, better then look at his performance in previous years. In the four years as a starter, from 2015 to 2019, he scored more or less 7-8 goals a year, making 3-4 assists. He is penalized by the role of striker, he would have been a Mkhitaryan midfielder. So he becomes a very useful resource especially in numerous leagues, because he is the owner. In a 6-8 league it is to be had as a 3-5th slot, or to alternate with other forwards perhaps having the first two fixed slots, with two big ones. Score and score.

REGULARS  – Simeone, Lasagna, Lapadula, Quagliarella, Gervinho, English, Ribery, Keita

They are regular attackers, very useful in leagues at 10-12 because they take the vote and don’t leave you in ten. In leagues at 6-8 they are 3-4th slots, to be placed when they have favorable games or at home. The price in the latter leagues is around 20-40, while it rises further in numerous auctions. Simeone comes from a good season (12 goals) and now he wants to stay ahead of Pavoletti, he will only play one with the 4-3-3. Lasagna is a staple in Udine, it has some ups and downs but in the end it came in double figures last season. Lapadula arrives from 11 goals to Lecce, not bad considering also the injuries (his weak point). At Benevento he can have a similar performance, if he is well he is a permanent owner. Gervinho makes the second striker in Liverani’s 4-3-1-2, in the end he stayed. English if he is well he is the owner, Liverani is aiming a lot. He can also take penalties, if he competes with Kucka. The problem is always the same: injuries. It has already started with a stop, although not serious. Keita at Sampdoria will be a precious wildcard: he can play outside but above all second striker, he will have a lot of space. From the start or to the race in progress. He can also be Quagliarella’s partner , which in any case will always cost much more than him. He is also a penalty taker and is always one to bet on. Riberywas penalized by the change of role in the plank, he is no longer a top as he was in midfield. He already scored little as a midfielder, only 3 goals last year, even if the final average of 6.95 is good, for example like that of Insigne. A striker is asked above all for goals, but the Frenchman will always be a starter and brings excellent scores plus many assists.

BETS  – Bonazzoli, Scrapers, Colley, Colombo, Shomurodov, Hauge, Muriqi, Lammers

Betting for attack, price and slots varied because they are different players. This year you can bet on Bonazzoli , he has matured and at 23 he will try to consecrate himself. Last year 6 goals in 7 games as a starter, exploded post lockdown. The move to Turin is not a problem, on the contrary it could have a longer playing time: Zaza challenges. Also bet in league at 6, more expensive at 10-12. Raspadori is instead a totally different player, here we are talking about a very low cost bet, from the latest slots, for numerous leagues and for those who have the confirmations. He is intriguing because he is very young (born in 2000) and De Zerbi likes him, he has already scored 2 goals in Serie A. But he is obviously a wild card, he is not a starter. Colleyat Verona he is a young bet, a striker who will try to explode. We are among the low cost strikers, but he is one that at low stakes can be a bargain and a winning bet. Born in 2000, he comes on loan from Atalanta: Juric also sees him as a playmaker as Kalinic is in front of him. Colombo is emerging in Milan, in the preseason he established himself as deputy Ibra. It will always have more space, it is a very low cost bet for numerous leagues. Hauge looks to Milan as a wild card, because he can play both right and left in the 4-2-3-1. As a forward he is a bit penalized, it would have been better to have him as a midfielder on the plank, but it can still be an interesting bet from the last slots. Shomurodovhe will be an important wild card for Genoa: he is a potential starter, given that he was paid almost 8 million euros. Eleven goals last season in Russia with Rostov, is a Ukbeko international. It can be worth a bet especially in fairly numerous leagues. Muriqi can be a bit of a new Caicedo in Lazio: he is a very physical first striker, he is tall and very good in the air game. In a hypothetical fantasy football for 8/10 participants with 500 fantamillioni budget, around 10 fantacillioni you can ensure a useful striker as an ace to play in the right games. He can be the vice-building, play with Ciro alternating with Correa and Caicedo or take over during the race. Lammers newsin Atalanta: he will act as an escort behind Zapata and Muriel, but during the match he can be very useful with his characteristics as a physical and technical center-forward (he showed him with Cagliari). And we know how many goals Atalanta score: they have to keep an eye on, they are very strong. Expensive bet, even from league to 6.

SECOND SLOT REGULARS – Palacio, Pandev, Pjaca, Orsolini, Deulofeu, Kalinic, Galabinov, Simy

These attackers are not first-tier solutions, but from secondary slots. Deulofeu is a gamble from a physical point of view, because he comes from the breakdown of the crusader and will have to get back in condition. But he is a starter in Udinese, a player of class and technique. Kalinic was hired to be the owner: he will have space in Verona, he starts in front of everyone in attack. And then there are always the two “old men”. 38 years for Rodrigo  Palacio , who is still starting from his best season at Bologna with 7 goals. And Goran Pandev , who is 37 years old and also comes from his best year at Genoa with 9 goals as a starter. Pjaca too he can play a lot in Genoa. It is certainly an interesting bet, especially if it will have continuity without injuries. Orsolini must “wake up”, as Mihajlovic said. If he doesn’t, he risks a lot of benches. It is in a phase of involution, last year, however, at times we had seen excellent things. Simy is one who will always play. He comes from a great season in Serie B where he scored 20 goals, he played all but one in which he was disqualified. And he is also a penalty taker. At auction and cost a little more than a simple holder of a newly promoted one, especially in the league at 10-12. Super start for Galabinov , who should not be overpaid after the boominitial but can be a useful striker for the last few slots. He convinced Spezia not to take another striker.

FIRST SLOT JOLLY – Vlahovic, Cutrone, Leao, Defrel, Pavoletti, Caicedo

Wildcard category, where there are players of different types but in principle not starting 38 games out of 38. Vlahovic is a very strong player in perspective, which we like, an approved solution for those who have confirmations and can keep him for a long time. He and Cutrone  are wild cards, who can play from the start or take over, especially with Vlahovic because he can explode at any moment. Leao  is a real wildcard, even a bet if you want a player “Muriel” as characteristics of fantasy football, that is, who can take over and score goals. Last season he made 6, this year even if closed by Ibra and Rebic will try to explode permanently. Defrelhe has had so many physical problems, it cannot be a certainty from this point of view but he is a player who takes over or can play owner in different roles, from the last slots or to cover someone like Caputo can stay there. Pavoletti  returns after a double rupture of the crusader, in addition to the competition of Simeone in the role of first striker: for this reason at the moment he is a wild card, but after a year missed due to injury he has a great desire for redemption. Caicedo is still in the wild card category, there is no upgrade after last year because Muriqi arrived at Lazio.

REGULARS FROM ROOKIES – Messias, Gyasi, Caprari, Riviere, Farias, Iago FalquĂ©, Verde

They are low-cost solutions from newly promoted, at 6-8 maybe some of them remain free, at 10 they are instead very useful for the last slots. One of the best can be Gyasi , who also scored 9 goals last year as a winger, including one in the playoff final. He will still be the owner and important for Vincenzo Italiano. If he is well, Farias can also play in La Spezia . The place is played with Green . Caprari is the owner in Benevento, he plays behind Lapadula. The former Parma and Sampdoria must redeem himself after the last season, he is a low cost. Inzaghi can also count on Iago FalquĂ© , who wants to relaunch himself with the Witches. Messiashe will play a lot in Crotone, even with the arrival of Riviere who is another potential owner. They can play together, with Simy too.

SECOND SLOT JOLLY– Petagna, Salcedo, Favilli, Borja Mayoral, Ounas, Karamoh, Skov Olsen, Okaka, Di Carmine, Zaza, Gabbiadini

They are wild cards, but at lower prices than those of the first range. They are from last slots. Petagna is ready to show off when called upon. Salcedo has returned to Verona to have more and more space, it is already the second year and can consecrate himself. Playing as an attacking midfielder, while Favilli makes the first striker and starts behind Kalinic. Borja Mayoral is Deputy Dzeko, he can find more space than Kalinic last year. Young and interesting striker. Ounas challenges Sottil for a starting position, he can play a lot in Cagliari. Karamoh as a wild card in Parma, as deputy Gervinho but not only: Liverani likes him. Skov Olsenhe did not record in his first year at Bologna, but he is young and has time to recover: the start was very positive, only held back by an injury that will bring him back in December. Okaka loses space with Deulofeu, Di Carmine with Kalinic. Zaza risks with the arrival of Bonazzoli. Gabbiadini risks losing some space in Sampdoria and attention to the injury.

THIRD SLOT JOLLY – Carles Perez, Sansone, Haraslin, Vignato, Piccoli, Pinamonti, R. Insigne, Scamacca, Destro, Sau, Dragus, Nzola, Siligardi

They are wild cards more for large leagues, but even in an 8-man league some of them might go away for the last few slots. The price is very low. Carles Perez may be a bit closed from the competition in Rome: Zaniolo is injured, but there are still Pellegrini, Mkhitaryan and Pedro. Surprisingly Samson has dropped a bit in Bologna, also falling in the hierarchy penalized by the arrival of Barrow in January. However, there remains a solution by vote, from the beginning or from the race in progress. Haraslin is one of the Sassuolo youngsters, but he doesn’t play much: since the last slots it can still be an intriguing bet, he’s the deputy Boga. Vignatoit is the bet of Bologna, penalized by the role in the plank but possible surprise in a numerous league, in the long term. Piccoli is Deputy Galabinov in La Spezia. Pinamonti has returned to Inter and makes the 4th striker, so he will play very little. Roberto Insigne can lose space with the arrival of Iago FalquĂ©, there is also Caprari. Scamacca is one more solution for Genoa’s attack, he can have space. The place will be played with Shomurodov and Destro , who after a good start risks returning to the bench. Sau is one more pawn in Benevento, he often takes over. Dragus is finding space in Crotone, Nzola will have space in La Spezia.Siligardi will play more in Crotone.

RISKS – Nestorovski, La Gumina, Improta, Moncini, F. Ricci, Mihaila, Pussetto, Santander, Milik, Llorente, Millico, Luvumbo, Males, Asoro

They are players only from very numerous leagues, in principle it would be better not to bet on them. At 12, more than 10, they can find room for the final slots. Someone like Nestorovski in a large league can also find a team, but in Udinese he starts behind. Three goals in the last season. Gumina starts as a reserve in Sampdoria. Improta loses space in Benevento, but remains a solution to the race in progress, as does Moncini , who is the deputy Lapadula. Federico Ricci has no space in Sassuolo. Mihaila is an attacking winger born in 2000, he will have to find a place in Liverani’s 4-3-1-2. PussetDeulofeu is in front, not a first choice. Santander in the end remained but makes the reserve in Bologna. Milik necessarily falls into the risk category: at the moment he is off the list and out of the project in Naples, he can wait until January and then leave. It is unlikely that he can return to the field with Napoli, even if you never know in football. Llorente is also out of the project at Napoli. Millico del Torino is the 4th striker. Zito Luvumbo  is a 2002 Angolan right winger of Cagliari. A new purchase but that’s more for the future. Males tries in Genoa, even if he starts behind: it’s a 2001. Asorohe is also a signing from Genoa, born in ’99, an interesting young man who will be able to grow. But it takes time, perhaps too long.

TO AVOID – Cerri, Sprocati, Gudjohnsen, Forestieri, Ivy, Traorè Diallo

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