FANTACALCIO CLASSIC Auction Guide: all the tips on which DEFENDERS to buy

TOP – Gosens, Theo Hernandez, Hakimi

They are the top, the most expensive in defense. Obviously from the first slot. Gosens and Theo Hernandez the two guarantees, Hakimi the novelty. Gosens with the confirmation as a defender has a very high price, almost a record. For him you can spend up to 40 fantamillioni out of 500, in the leagues where the defenders are paid a lot (and where there is the defense modifier) ​​it can even go up to 50. He has already started at the top. Theo Hernandez will go away at similar figures, only slightly lower: we are around 35 million (again with peaks up to 35-40). He too started very well. For Hakimithere was a surge after the first few games: a great start with Inter, with goals and assists. Now it costs at least as much as Gosens, it will be head to head on who will be the highest paid in the auctions. Hakimi has scored five goals and ten assists in 33 Bundesliga games, plus 4 assists in 8 Champions League games. There was no doubt that it was a top, it is a force of nature. This year, with such expensive defensive tops, it also becomes a question of strategy: to afford one you will then have to save on the other 7 defenders or on the other departments.

SEMITOP – Acerbi, de Vrij, Bonucci, Koulibaly, Faraoni, Hateboer

They are mainly central defenders, important players who, however, cannot bring the bonuses of a winger. The price drops, here you get up to 20 million out of 500. There remains a 1st slot, only in 6 leagues you can make a defense with a top and a semitop (or in 8 spending a lot of budget). Let’s start right from the plants. Acerbi has been a guarantee for years, even with the Champions League he won’t make any turnover because he plays them all. Last year 36 out of 38, with 2 goals. Bonucci is very similar, even for him little turnover (35 out of 38), good grades, plays in a big, even 3 goals (this year already one). De Vrijhe was super last season, scoring 4 goals and keeping a high performance. For Conte he is a pillar, the only flaw are injuries but in the last season he had only a few ailments. Its price will be among the highest in this range, because it is one of the best. And Koulibaly ? There was a lot of talk about the market, but in the end it stayed. And therefore it is the Koulibaly of all time in fantasy football: good grades and some goals. It has to relaunch after a bad season. There were also market rumors for Faraoni , then he stayed at Verona and will be a regular player like last year. He will try to repeat the 5 goals of last season, he can do it because he always fits in front. Hateboergoes to vintages: 0 goals three years, 5 goals two years ago, 0 goals last year. This year he started with two goals, a good sign. Without the “weight” of Chestnuts, he will practically always play.

GREAT DEFENDERS – Milenkovic, Young, de Ligt, Criscito, Cuadrado, Smalling

Prices go down a bit (around 15, with the usual variables), but they are always excellent choices. They can be from 2nd slot in leagues to 8 considering that there are eight on the card better, this means that in leagues 10-12 they can be from 1st. Milenkovic is a goalscorer defender, last year he scored 5: he always goes to jump. Excellent numbers also for Young : 4 goals and 4 assists in just 6 months. He can still do well, although with the return of Perisic he will alternate more than last year. He is therefore not a permanent holder. De Ligt instead paysthe shoulder operation that will keep him out until the beginning of November, these are the expected recovery times, maybe he will try to return a little earlier. Once back, he will hardly stay out. Criscito has the penalty factor, when he is on the pitch he shoots them. With +3 he compensates for a lower average than high-level defenders, because he does not play in a big team fighting for the Scudetto. There was talk of a possible farewell, in the end he stayed but can play in the three behind as Luca Pellegrini and Czyborra arrived on the left. And when playing defense, the ratings can be lower. The wild card is Cuadrado, who is an outsider but does not have the consistency of performance and permanent position that Gosens and Theo have for example. In general, he will play as a right winger in a 3-5-2 or 4-4-2, but Pirlo will change a lot especially after the arrival of Chiesa who plays right on the right. In the last season 2 goals and 6 assists. Smalling is a thick reinforcement for Roma, who find their best central player: he will be the starter, for Fonseca it is fundamental. He is one of 6.5 and a couple of goals a year, three last season.

GOOD REGULARS – Manolas, Romagnoli, Alex Sandro, Bastoni, Di Lorenzo, Toloi, Kjaer, Godin, Chiellini, Spinazzola, Biraghi, Skriniar

They are perfect defenders to combine with a top. Here it can change a lot if it binds to 6-8 or 10-12, not only in terms of price (up to 10 on one side, while at least 15 on the other), but also as a slot (2nd full on one side, even 1st from other). Manolas on the card is the owner, he also scores a few goals (4), but every now and then he betrays due to injury. Romagnoli is very constant, he always plays. The price will not be very high because he started with an injury. In addition to goals, Toloi can also make some assists, he pushes himself into attacking areas (2 goals and 4 assists last year). Even Di Lorenzo can do is assist that goal, pushing right back. Alex Sandrohe is a bit down in terms of performance, he who has almost always been a top: we’ll see if Pirlo can get him back to important levels, meanwhile he missed the start of the season due to injury. Bastoni, on the other hand, is on the launching pad, but watch out for Kolarov’s competition. News Godin for Cagliari will titolarissimo , this is a factor to consider. To be taken into account some shortcomings in tough matches , but he can do well and even some goals. Not to be underestimated is Kjaer , a central who is doing very well in Milan and is worth more than a few fantamillioni. Chielliniif he is well he is a starter, Pirlo is aiming a lot. Comes from an unlucky season with the breaking of the crusader and other injuries, fantasy football does not give many guarantees from a physical point of view but if you take it it is to be put in the games in which it will play. He is a high-end defender, not in 38 games but he can do 25-30. Even Spinazzola gives little physical safeguards, each year more and several injuries. But when he is well he is a fury on the left wing, to always be put on if he is on the field. Biraghi returned to Fiorentina after his interlude at Inter. For Iachini he will be the pawn on the left wing for his 3-5-2, he has renewed and remains with enthusiasm. He has the advantage of playing in midfield, he also takes some set kicks. Skriniar in the end he remained at Inter, in principle he will be the star if not for the turnover: he must find himself a bit and after the ups and downs of last season and the market rumors about Tottenham.

FIRST SLOT JOLLY – Ansaldi, D’Ambrosio, Lirola, Kolarov, Bruno Peres, Danilo (Juve)

They are the jokers, the price can vary a lot: they are not defenders to have in the three holders but to be kept as 4th slot and deploy them when they play. Ansaldi has spent this year among the defenders, intrigues as a fantasy role even if he is not at all certain of the place with Giampaolo. However, he can carve out some space, his problem is always injuries. D’Ambrosio is a goalscorer defender, he proved it again this year by scoring at the first. He will not always play because he is not a permanent holder, he is a joker if you have other holders. Lirola played a lot last year, this year it had less space and can be closed by Callejon. Kolaroventers this category but with a high profile, from someone who has been a very important player in fantasy football for years. In recent years he has also been a penalty shooter, but he will hardly go to the penalty spot at Inter because there are Lukaku and Lautaro. When he is on the pitch, he applies for free kicks and corners, from there bonuses can come. But in the defensive phase it suffers. He will play as central third on the left and if he does not bring a bonus he risks failure. Bruno Peres is playing for the place with Santon and Karsdorp, so he can play a lot. He has never been a constant player but rather one who goes wild. In the 3-5-2, however, he is very well: he also brought some bonuses last season. Danilohe started as a starter in Juve, waiting for the return of de Ligt. In the long run it will be more of a wild card than a permanent owner.

REGULARS – Kumbulla, Mancini, Djimsiti, Palomino, Glik, Zappacosta, Pellegrini, Tomiyasu, Ger. Pezzella

They are defenders who are not exactly low cost, especially in numerous leagues: there the price can be even around 7-8 million, while in a league of 8 they can go away around 4-5 credits. They are still possible starters in your three or four defense. Kumbulla  went to Roma and remains in this band, maybe in the Giallorossi he plays a few fewer games than Verona (now there is also Smalling) but he can do well and get higher grades. He can have a performance and value similar to those of Mancini , who remains an important defender for Fonseca. Palomino and Djimsiti may still have a lot of space in Atalanta(2 goals and 6.21 on average), Gasperini scores his defenders (then there is always the turnover and this year Romero too). Glik can’t be 1-2 million if there are romantic fantasy coaches in your league, they’ll charge you a little more. His 7 goals in a single season with the Turin shirt are historic, now he is a permanent fixture at Benevento. Zappacosta plays the winger in midfield in 3-5-2, he is a starter in Genoa and showed up with a goal at the first. On the other hand, in Genoa, Luca Pellegrini , who arrived on loan from Juve , will play . They start from pole like two outside of the Griffin. Tomiyasuturned out to be a very interesting wildcard. He is versatile and this works in his favor: it is no coincidence that Mihajlovic is now making him play as a central (with excellent results) after he made the right-back. For German Pezzella  a departure held back by injuries and market rumors that affected him, he never played.

BETS – Ibanez, Vojvoda is Muller, Cetin, Zappa, DEMİRAL, Hickey, Lovato, Dalot

The bet: the category that perhaps most intrigues every fantasy coach, with a price (however never too high) and a very variable slot. The shot maybe at low cost, the flicker during the auction, the player who then turns out to be the winning card. All in the hope that the yield is high. In this sense Ibanez , a Brazilian from Roma, can be a winning idea: he finished the season with a crescendo and started the new one well. Smalling has arrived and there will be less room for Mancini, Kumbulla and Ibanez (or at least one of them), but Ibanez is still a bet. Vojvodadel Torino is a new profile. Right-back, comes from Standard Liege: with Giampaolo he can find the right perspective to emerge. He pushes well and assists, but has limits in the defensive phase. However, it is a low cost solution. Muldur , on the other hand, is a safer bet because he already has a year of Serie A on his shoulders. The place is played with Toljan, last year De Zerbi alternated them often: for most of the season Muldur was on the bench, but when he played he showed an important thickness also in terms of goals and assists. Maybe he will play even less than Toljan, but bringing more bonuses. Verona has focused strongly on Cetin, which in Rome has only been seen in flashes. The Turkish player will have to demonstrate reliability, aiming for a continuity of performance which has been unknown until now. In the footsteps of Rrahmani and Kumbulla, the start was good. Zappa is the novelty of Cagliari on the right, a young and interesting full-back who comes from 5 goals scored last year in Serie B at Pescara. Name that intrigues and is to be taken especially for those who have the confirmations, because it is a ’99. Watch out for Demiral , he starts behind the other defenders in Juve, but with Sarri he imposed himself before the January injury in Rome. Whoever takes Chiellini or de Ligt, would do well to protect himself against the Turk who has every intention of making life difficult for the Juventus owners. Hickeyis a 2002, but he too can find space in Bologna (Dijks out for three / four months) as a left-back. A talent to follow, even if he is only 18 years old. The impact with Serie A was positive. In Verona, the 2000 class Lovato found space , hoping to be the new Kumbulla after the Albanian’s departure towards Rome. He will probably play it with Ceccherini. Dalot is a full-back with great drive, he has offensive characteristics: he will try to take the shirt as a starter in Milan, he can overcome Calabria (and also Conti). He is a 4-5th slot being in defense, a bet that can be done at not excessive amounts (a few injuries too many in his young career).

LOW COST REGULARS – Bruno Alves, G. Ferrari, Mario Rui, Nuytinck, Radu, Luiz Felipe, Tomiyasu, Danilo (Bol.), Gunter, Caldirola, Larsen, Reca, Erlic, Toljan, Rogerio, Romero, Bremer, Caceres, Bereszynski , Augello, Letizia, Lykogiannis, Walukiewicz, Foulon, Calabria, Martinez Quarta, Osorio, Busi, Colley, Nkoulou, Rodriguez, De Silvestri, Gagliolo

On paper they are owners, but it is clear that they do not belong to the so-called first band. Speaking of low-cost players, they can be the ideal investment to complete the eight defenders package. With a fundamental premise: avoid excessive spending. Bruno Alves  is a central pawn in Liverani’s new defense. Age advances, perhaps he finished last year with a few too many worries, but his status remains that of an owner. Mario Rui starts ahead of everyone in the Napoli hierarchies relating to the left-handed lane. After the break the owner can return, at the beginning Hysaj played but he is right-footed. The injury of the past season seems to be behind him, ditto the physical setbacks that undermined his championship: if he is well, Ferraridel Sassuolo is the right player to take to have a reliable starter. In Lazio there is Radu who seems untouchable in the three behind (ailments permitting), while Luiz Felipe also starts as the holder on the card. Gotti, on the other hand, will certainly rely on Nuytinck’s physicality to give substance to his defense. In Bologna Danilo remained the owner, he went via Bani. Gunter has grown up with Juric and is the owner, he also gets good grades. In the newly promoted Benevento, Caldirola is Glik’s sidekick and he was noticed at the first with a brace. Now it will be a little less low cost. LarsenUdinese is the usual good soldier for every occasion, even if he missed the start of the season due to injury. Reca , who arrived on loan from Atalanta after his experience at Spal (25 matches in Serie A), can find space as a starter in Crotone. Erlic dello Spezia is a 22-year-old Croatian defender, protagonist in the promotion to Serie A. The transition to the top league is not easy, but he is still a starter for Vincenzo Italiano. Toljan starts as a starter in Sassuolo, even if he will always have the competition of Muldur, who can bring a few more bonuses compared to him. Similar speech for Rogerio , who has strong competition from Kyriakopoulos. Romerohe will be able to carve out space in Atalanta, the price will still remain low because it takes many tags. Bremer is the owner with Giampaolo, he is paired with Nkoulou. Caceres starts as a starter in Fiorentina, even after the arrival of Martinez Quarta : the new Argentine central will need to adapt but he is a level player, an important purchase taken to play. Bereszynski and Augello are the two full- backs in Sampdoria. Letizia scored a great goal at the first which can be worth confirming, Foulon is also growing in Benevento . With the arrival of Godin, Walukiewiczhe can play more than Klavan in Cagliari, while Lykogiannis is on the left . Calabria started strong in Milan, but now Dalot has arrived on the right: the Italian side can also do the deputy Theo on the left. Osorio can be a starter in Parma, he is an important acquisition in defense. Busi , also in Parma, is the new right-back (injured part) in place of Darmian. Colley remained at Sampdoria and is a low cost owner. Nkoulou has to redeem himself after a bad season, while Ricardo Rodriguez  arrived at Turin with the esteem of Giampaolo and to be a regular holder. De Silvestri is the right-back holder of Bologna, a sufficient one at a low price. Gagliolo has come from a very good season, but he started the new one with an injury: the price will be low, Pezzella challenges him.

SECOND SLOT JOLLY– Ayhan, Rrahmani, Kyriakopoulos, Izzo, Maksimovic, Ghiglione, Conti, Mojica, Hysaj, Hoedt, Dimarco, Sutalo

Completing the defense, when aiming to save a few million for forwards and midfielders, often means focusing on low-cost elements, which are still able to have a decent yield. Maybe not permanent but interesting holders when they take the field. In Sassuolo the central Kaan Ayhan intrigues . He has always played in Germany, standing out above all in Fortuna Dusseldorf: in the last 4 championships, he has also collected 8 goals in 113 appearances. De Zerbi likes it, but starts behind. Rrahmani can be an important alternative in Napoli, clearly starting behind. Similar speech for Maksimovic , who at the moment starts in front of Rrahmani but behind Manolas and Koulibaly. Kyriakopoulosis De Zerbi’s trump card on the left, he alternates it with Rogerio. In a duo from league to 12.  Izzo  remained and this year he is a wild card, because Giampaolo made him play as a right-back (where he was not convinced). Ghiglione risks the bench with the arrival of Zappacosta, even if he had done very well at the first. Conti starts the season late, he must regain space and ground with Calabria and Dalot. It will not be easy. Hysaj is a wild card because he can play left and right in Napoli, Gattuso is making him play a lot. Mojica will try to become a reliable alternative to Gosens, for now only with the race underway but Gasperini does not mind. Hoedthe can have space in Lazio, both as deputy Radu and in other defense roles. Dimarco is a good side, he is closed by Lazovic but he can have space during the season. He has a very good foot. In the end Sutalo remained at Atalanta, he will make the alternative behind: he is young and can grow a lot.

FOR BIG FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUES – De Maio, Tonelli, Biraschi, Samir, Faragò, Maggio, Chiriches, Bani, Magallan, Golemic, Ramos, Terzi, Chabot, Yoshida, Marlon, Luperto, Ceccherini, Djidji, Iacoponi, Bonifazi, Goldaniga, Pedro Pereira, Ouwejan, Giu. Pezzella

We know it well, in large leagues (10-12 participating teams) it is inevitable to resort to defenders who are not first or second tier, who may play little, in the hope that they can carve out some space along the way. Sometimes completing the squad is a real headache. For this reason we recommend that you tap into this small reservoir of names. If you are in reserve, here are some solutions to avoid staying on foot. Iacoponi started badly and Parma took Osorio in defense, who is a good central. Bonifazi will try to carve out space in Udinese. Chiriches starts as a starter in Sassuolo, even if he has several ups and downs and too many injuries. Marlonin the end he remained at Sassuolo, so he can alternate especially with the former Napoli. If Tonelli is well and finds the right continuity, he can also give some bonuses in the goal area, Yoshida when called into question can do well: they play for the place. Biraschi plays in Genoa, more as a third defense than as a winger. Even Goldaniga is an option. In Crotone  Magallan and Golemic  start as owners, but they are very low cost. De Maio  and Samir are useful pawns when there are no longer many solutions to close the defenders. Same goes for Faragò , who has competition from Zappa. ForMay the age advances, years ago he was also a big in fantasy football. Now take risks with Foulon and Letizia. In La Spezia there may be some space for Chabot and Terzi , even for Ramos on the left. Bani finds his starting position in Genoa. Luperto  and Djidji seek space in Crotone, Ceccherini in Verona. Pedro Pereira is finding space in Crotone. Ouwejan is playing for the place with Zeegelaar in Udinese and can become the holder on the left. Giuseppe Pezzella challenges Gagliolo in Parma.

VERY YOUNG – Kalulu, Calafiori, Carboni, Singo, Valenti, Amione

Born in 2000, Pierre Kalulu is Milan’s bet for the future. But it starts behind. Riccardo Calafiori, on the other hand, is a 2002, even younger. Play on the left, he is the deputy Spinazzola in Rome. Carboni is the 2001 of Cagliari launched by Zenga, but now it is closed. Singo the 2000 of Turin who is the right back. Lautaro Valenti , on the other hand, is a 1999: new acquisition of Parma in defense that starts as the first reserve. Amione is Verona’s reinforcement in defense, but it’s only a 2002. Very young, but a very talented prospect. They can be useful for those with confirmations.

RESERVES IN THE BIG TEAMS – Malcuit, Ghoulam, Musacchio, Piccini, Depaoli, Frabotta, Gabbia, Santon, Patric, Ranocchia, Darmian, Fazio, Juan Jesus, Bastos

They will not have much space, in leagues at 12 (more than 10) are good as reserves of the owners. Malcuit is Di Lorenzo’s reserve, he will try to relaunch himself after the breaking of the Crusader but there is also Hysaj. Ghoulam remains a mystery, he has never found the right condition after so many injuries. Musacchio starts clearly behind Kjaer, returns in early November. Piccini  and Depaoli in Atalanta will be deputy Hateboer, the former Valencia arrived injured but now Gabbia is fine  only in emergencies (like at the beginning of the season) in Milan. Frabotta will now have less space in Juve. Santonwhen he is well he can make some presence in Rome, but he has too many injuries. Patric is an alternative in defense in Lazio, Ranocchia has remained at Inter and makes de Vrij’s reserve. Darmian jolly in the Nerazzurri, starts from behind. Fazio and Juan Jesus are reserves in Rome, Bastos in Lazio.

RISKS – Murru, Becao, Klavan, Romagna, Denswil, Empereur, Laurini, Molina, Peluso, ter Avest, Duarte, A. Ferrari, Vavro, Venuti, Barba, Spolli, Sala, Tripaldelli, Rispoli, Ferrer, Marchizza, Mattiello, Dell ‘Orco, Magnani, Ruegg, Igor, Czyborra, Barreca, Ceppitelli, Lyanco, Cuomo, Marrone, Zeegelaar, Zapata, Masiello, Ismajli, Mbaye, Dijks

They are not guarantees, they are defenders with a position at risk and who could play little. Choices not recommended in leagues at 8, perhaps at 12 (more than 10) you can find something for the last slots at 1. Murru at Turin starts as an alternative if the owners are well. Becao  is not a first choice in fantasy football, as is  Denwsil . Many start as reserves, for example Empereur, Laurini, Peluso, Duarte, Alex Ferrari and ter Avest . Klavan gives no guarantees, just like Spolli . Barba can play enough,  Come as a wild card in Fiorentina. Little space for  Molina Udinese. Or for Vavro in Lazio, in the second year of Serie A. A lot of physical problems for Sala in recent years, does not convince at La Spezia. Tripaldelli will challenge Lykogiannis in Cagliari. Romagna will play little,  Rispoli did not start with a lot of space in Crotone. Ferrer, Marchizza, Mattiello and Dell’Orco inspire little in a defense, that of Spal, which can change a lot. Igor and Czyborra are two good players, but they start as reserves: only from numerous leagues. Even Ruegg is a good defender, can improve a lot, but some behind the Pharaohs. In Verona he did not inspire Magnani: too many injuries. Barreca Biraghi reserve in Fiorentina. Ceppitelli does not convince in Cagliari, he has lost space as well as Pisacane . Lyanco remained in Turin but was about to leave, with Bremer in front. Cuomo and Marrone can lose space in Crotone. Zeegelaar risks in Udinese, Ismajli does not convince in Spezia. Age advances for Zapata and Masiello , less guarantees than in the past. Mbaye deputy De Silvestri in Bologna. Dijks started out as a regular but will be out for two months.

TO AVOID – Dawidowicz, Tuia, Vignali, Prodl, Armini, Regini, Volta, Capradossi, Caldara, Mazzotta

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