The score of each team is determined by the sum of the scores obtained by the individual players on the starting line (or the substitutes taken over according to the procedures described in the regulation).

The score of each player is given by the votes elaborated by the organization of the fantasy game, to which bonus or malus points must be added or subtracted. The attribution of goals or own goals to a player rather than another is at the discretion of the organizer.

Depending on the player’s performance on the pitch, the points accumulated may have a positive or negative value.

The events that generate bonus / malus are the following, with values ​​that may vary depending on the role associated with the player:

1-69 minutes on the pitch (1)1
70+ minutes on the pitch (1)2
Goals (excluding penalties) (2)10654
Assist (3)10543
Clean sheet (4)3300
Penalty saved5101010
3 or more goals scored3333
Goals conceded (5)-1-100
Yellow card-1
Double yellow card-3
Red card (direct)-5
Wrong penalty-3
Penalty scored3

EXPLANATION(1) Recovery times are not considered for the calculation of time spent on the pitch.
(2) Actions during overtime are considered for the purpose of calculating these points.
(3) An assist is awarded to a player who makes the last successful pass leading to the goal. Assists are not awarded to players who suffer a foul that leads to a free kick or a penalty that subsequently leads to the goal (direct, or rebound).
(4) Clean sheet points are awarded to a player if these two conditions are met: (1) the team they belong to does not concede a goal for the entire game and (2) the player plays the match for at least 61 minutes.
(5) The penalty is attributed to all defenders and goalkeepers belonging to the team that has conceded the goal (for each goal) who entered the field during the match, even if they were not yet or more present at the time of the goal.
Captain : The selected captain, who can be changed for each match day, gets a X2 multiplier on the sum of the bonuses / malus. If no captain is selected, the multiplier will not be applied to any player.
The bonus / malus scores described above may be updated when the official match reports undergo changes. However, no score updates will be made after midnight on the day the relevant match was played.

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