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The Mantra system represents the natural evolution of football-based fantasy games and is aimed at those who want a more engaging gaming experience that emphasizes the value and choices of every fantasy coach.
Easy to play much more than you can imagine, Mantra has immediately conquered the most demanding slice of Italian fanatics, transforming into concrete reality what its launch slogan promises ” those who try Mantra never come back “. The pluses of this game system can be summarized as follows:

– Emphasis on the managerial function . It is no longer enough to ‘guess’ the attack, but a complete and structured ‘team’ must be built according to one’s needs and tactical ideas.
– Tactics becomes an active part of the game . The formation of the formation, as well as that of the bench, becomes less obvious and strictly correlated to the tactical opportunities offered by the squad available.
– Market dynamics acquire appeal . It also changes and exchanges according to the game modules on which the team’s backbone is built.

The complete game rules can be found here.

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