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How will the Euro Leagues be played and which players will be available?

Just like for the Fantacalcio leagues , the Euroleges will also be available in Classic and Mantra versions. By auction or with quotations. Head to head or one-on-all. YOU CAN DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU ALREADY DO AND MANAGE TODAY WITH NORMAL ITALIAN LEAGUES. And, of course, they will be perfectly manageable both from the web and from the app (there will be a dedicated one, always free, for iOS and Android systems).

Basically what changes, besides the fun, will be the list of available for your auctions, which will be formed by a selection of the strongest and most famous players present in the Premier League, Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and of course in Serie A. Obviously they will be present all the superstars, many old acquaintances of our league and, why not, a handful of golden boys from the continent among which to find the fantasy football stars of tomorrow. A database of players, therefore, not only from Serie A, but from the 5 major European leagues.

How do you give the grades to them?

The Fantasy Soccer EuroLeghe starting from the 2020/2021 season will make use of an EXCLUSIVE and DEDICATED staff who will produce the votes on an editorial basis. With a path that, starting from the events and subsequently to the votes, will gradually lead the game to have a “live” service that is completely identical to that of our local leagues.

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