How to make the budget division for the FANTACALCIO CLASSIC auction


How to make the budget division for a fantasy football auction? How much to pay the top players, how much to spend role by role, how much money to keep during the auction… Typical auctions start with an auction base of 1 so they tend not to follow the starting football player quotation. You will find differences according to the different budgets.


Goalkeepers: 15


Midfielders: 80

Strikers: 130

It’s the auction with the lowest budget, there are also those who do it with 300 fanta credits and it doesn’t change much. Top players in the attack have lower costs even proportionally, there is a greater balance among departments. The strikers then cost a little less than in the other budgets, but there will still be peaks for the top players…

General Rule: with the defense modifier and Goalkeeper’s cleansheet option active, obviously goes up the spending for the defenders and the goalkeeper.


Goalkeepers: 25



130 Strikers: 290

Starting from the goalkeepers, you can spend about 10-15 fanta credits taking the entry-level regular Goalkeeper or 40 focusing on the top ones. 25 is a middle solution between these two strategies. Of course, if you spend little money on goalkeepers you will have more money for the attack. 

You can save even in defense, taking only one big and then many low-cost defenders. The minimum cost of having an acceptable defense is still 25/30 fanta credits. If you take a top one like Gosens, Hakimi, and Theo you will spend much more of course, but this will happen to only three fanta managers in the league and rarely one Fanta manager will be able to buy all of them.

Even in midfield it is better to have at least one top or semi top midfielder, that can cost you between 50 and 80 million. If you bet so much on midfield, taking two tops/semi tops, the expense will surely be more than 150 million, so you will have to spend less on defense or attack.

Arriving right on the attack, you can only take Ronaldo, Lukaku or Immobile if you have saved in the other departments, spending less than the others. Those ones aiming for a super top forward will need over 300 fanta credits. Otherwise, with no top in front but with a balanced squad, you can only need half a budget in the attack.


Goalkeepers: 45



Strikers: 445

It is a middle solution between 500 and 1000, an auction where there can be several peaks for some important players. If you make an attack strategy, you can spend even more than 445 saving credits in other roles.


Goalkeepers: 75

Defenders: 115

Midfielders: 250

Strikers: 560

With a 1000 Fanta credit budget, the prices of top players go up a lot, especially those in the attack. But even in the midfield, and in defense, there will be spikes for the top. Considering that, at least in the league of 8, you can take good players in defense and midfield even at 1, the logical consequence is to spend much more on the starting line-up that you have in mind. Even more in leagues of 6 Fanta managers, where excellent football players always remain. Different situation in a league of 10-12, where almost all the best ones are taken and especially in attack there is very little left for the last slots. At 1000, therefore, in leagues of 10-12 Fanta managers, there are fewer peaks for the top choices.


In the previous budget division, we considered a starting offer of 1 Fanta credit that refers to the minimum price sometimes requested to purchase a football player. Things change instead if the minimum price is the one used on the pricing list. It is impossible so taking players at 1 Fanta credit (there are almost only reserves), but having to spend 6-7 million on reserves, you distribute the budget differently. For goalkeepers, it changes especially for those who bet on the low costs ones, who still have a cost of at least 10 credits. But it also changes a lot for defense and midfield, where even for the last slots you have to spend. It is, therefore, necessary to keep much higher budgets for these two departments. In general, top players from all departments (but especially attack) cost less than in the other type of auction, because you can’t save on 1 player.


It is difficult making predictions because you do not have direct contact with the opponent while bidding for a player. It also depends on the order of the call. If it is free and not in a role order, top players can go away at a very high price. The top players of each department as first choices will cost more than with the classic auction, for the fear of the Fanta managers of missing them. While if you are lucky you can take little good players who are perhaps little considered or those who are not regulars but good bets.


When you think about the budget, it changes a lot based on the number of participants in the league:6, 8, 10, 12, or 14. The budget division used, is for an 8/10-person league, considering that many fanta managers make leagues of 8 teams. Those who make the auction in 6 participants also take very good players, so they pay the top players much more than in the other cases. You can save money on the last slots because you still find great regulars. If 12 Fanta managers everything is different. Regulars in defence or midfield become more expensive. If you expect to buy players at 1 Fanta credit, it’s hard to make a big deal. The prices of low-cost players also increase (especially with modifiers), as a result, you have less budget for the top players in attack.


As already specified at the bottom of each budget division chapter, from the one at 250 Fanta credits to the one at 1000, the matter changes for those leagues which have the defense modifier (or midfield) and the Goalkeeper Cleansheet option active. So in every league, there are always those who bet more and those who bet less. If one focuses on the defense modifier, he spends a lot on the defense because he has to take both strong defenders and four regular defenders and not only three. Those who have the Goalkeeper Cleansheet option active, on the other hand, go to spend much more on top players such as Handanovic, Donnarumma, and Szczesny.

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