Game rules: Scoring an own goal

To determine the author of a goal in the event of doubtful goals, in accordance with the criteria used by Fifa and Uefa , the following guidelines will be adopted. In the event of doubtful markings, the indication of the Lega Serie A on the merits will always and in any case be used as the final choice by the editorial team of . In the event of doubtful assignments of the markings, therefore, the official definition of the marking may also be postponed until the moment of the expression of the legal body par excellence in this area: any communication of rectification will be made by law on the portal , on the social pages ( Facebook and Twitter) and always consistently with what is disclosed on . It should also be remembered that the decisions of Lega Serie A are not necessarily the same as those indicated in the scores during and immediately after the matches, which are simple livescore. In doubtful cases, in fact, the League itself formalizes its decisions at the end of the round, if necessary by issuing press releases the day after the end of the championship round in question.

  1. Own goal
    A. A player involuntarily kicks the ball directly into his own goal. This is the case of a wrong back pass or a wrong postponement. 

    B. A player deflects a shot, cross or pass from an opponent that is not targeted in the goal mirror into his own goal. 


     Shots on target that are deflected by a defender are not considered an own goal. In these cases the marking is therefore assigned to the author of the shot on goal.  

     Shots that end on the wood of the goal (poles and crossbar) and are subsequently deflected into the net by a defending player are considered an own goal. 
  2. Deviations by a teammate
    A. In the case of a shot aimed at the target and unintentionally deflected into the net by a teammate, the marking will be assigned to the original author of the shot. If a shot aimed out of goal hits a teammate and ends up in the net, the authorship of the goal is attributed to the author of the last touch. 

    B. When a shot aimed at the goal is deflected into the net by a team-mate whose active and voluntary participation in the game changes the trajectory of the ball, the latter must be awarded the authorship of the goal.

    NB: In case of lack of absolute certainty about the final destination of any shot directed towards the goal, the goal will be attributed to the author of the shot.

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