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In Italy there are few people who have never heard of the word ‘ Fantacalcio ‘, while millions of them practice it.

Il Fantacalcio presume to call themselves ‘the most beautiful game in the world after football’, indeed, il Fantacalcio is now perhaps better than real football. Our game wants to simulate football especially as regards the thrill of the direct confrontation, the transfer campaign and the victory at the 90th perhaps on an own goal. In these pages you will find a basis for understanding the game and convincing other friends to found a League. Or you can find arguments not to be taken for mad when you rejoice on the radio, even when your favorite team is not playing because they are busy in the evening postponement. Or worse, as has happened to many, push your girlfriend to take care of football, make her play Fantacalcio see her dominate your fantasy championship in which maybe you will end up relegated. Will it be the beginning of a nightmare or the end of a great love? If you love football with the spirit of Fantasy Football , you will be ready to accept defeat and it will be the beginning of a great love. If this is your first time approaching Fantacalcio , know that it is not a simple game and that you must be ready to forget your favorite team sometimes.

The complete game rules can be found here.

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